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Design and Development / Original Design Manufacturing

Valuetronics differentiates our company from the competition through our engineering design capabilities. Our capabilities cover the entire spectrum of expertise required to develop or co-develop turnkey products whether they are simple consumer products or complex industrial or wireless products

EngineerValuetronics engineering teams are able to conceptualize, design, prototype, test and bring our customers’ product into production and beyond.

More than 120 engineers create a unique breadth of engineering expertise including:

  • Mechanical engineers
  • Quality engineers
  • Electrical engineers
  • Manufacturing engineers
  • RF engineers
  • Software engineers
  • Tool design engineers
  • Plastic molding engineers
  • Metal work engineers
  • Test and reliability engineers

Since 1998, Valuetronics has designed and co-developed a wide variety of products across many segments such as:

  • Residential Caller ID telephone products
  • Residential Cordless telephones
  • GSM Fixed Wireless phones
  • Video Baby MonitorWireless analog and digital audio baby monitors
  • Wireless digital video baby monitor
  • Digitally controlled home appliances
  • Thermostats systems
  • Alcohol Breath analyzer
  • Thermal label printers
  • Industrial grade air purifiers
  • Gas level monitor

Valuetronics design and development engineering capabilities include :

Depending on our customer needs, our engineering teams can develop complete solutions or co-design products with them and support them through out the products life cycle.

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